Keynes and the fiscal dividend of independence

In 1919 a brash young British economist attended the Paris Peace Conference representing the British Treasury. Frustrated with the terms agreed in the Treaty of Versailles —particularly with the enormous economic reparations that the Allied Powers demanded from the defeated side— he resigned and returned to Cambridge. In just two months, he wrote a book that had great international impact and was entitled "The Economic Consequences of the Peace". The legend that is John Maynard Keynes had begun.


"És L'Hora dels Adéus?", nou llibre de Xavier Sala i Martín

"La demanda dels catalans sembla estranya en un món que no està acostumat a dibuixar fronteres amb la força dels vots. Però hi haurà un dia en què votar per decidir fronteres serà normal. I quan ho sigui, la gent mirarà enrere i pensarà que la situació del 2014 era anacrònica i indecent." Amb un estil directe, clar i contundent, Sala i Martín ens fa una radiografia magistral de quina ha estat la situació econòmica i política dels darrers anys i de quin pot ser el futur de Catalunya. Totes les preguntes que ens fem sobre la possible independència queden més que contestades en aquestes pàgines. Un llibre imprescindible per a tots els que avui es pregunten si realment ha arribat l'hora dels adéus." Editorial Rosa dels Vents

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The Exchange: Great Scot

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Rob Cox and Carles Boix, professor of politics and public affairs at Princeton, discuss Scotland’s bid for independence and what a “yes” vote might mean for the rest of Europe.


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I have always thought that you don’t truly know a person until you see how he or she acts in situations of personal crisis. For example, a husband’s reaction when his wife asks him for a divorce shows what he is like as a person. Some men recognize that they’ve done things badly and correct their mistakes. Sometimes this honest reaction ends up resolving the crisis. Other husbands react in irate and violent ways. Their anger often makes them mock their wife and insult and even threaten her. In showing a true despotic and abusive personality, her image of her husband deteriorates and her urge to leave nothing but grows.

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